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Club Mate Blog of Saturday, 21 January 2023

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TWEAA Enters Oxford Dictionary

TWEAA makes history and joins two words with Ghanaian roots that you may not know in the Oxford Dictionary. Online is the best place to start looking for the meanings of these Ghanaian words. Then look it up in a new dictionary.

"Who said TWEAA?" is a common response from a Ghanaian to a speech given by a DCE in Ghana. In the speech, the word TWEAA was turned around and given a world presence, a full meaning, and examples of how to use it in phrases.

Some non-English words have been added to the English dictionary and given definitions to help people around the world communicate.

"Hon. Gabriel Barima, also known as "Tweaa DCE," is a Ghanaian politician and the former District Chief Executive of the Ahafo Ano South District in Ghana's Ashanti Region. He asked, "Who said TWEAA?" He is famous for making the Akan word "Tweaa" popular, which has since become a slang word.

Now, let's talk about what the Tweaa Word means.

TWEAA says on,

Tweaa is an Akan exclamation that became popular in Ghana in 2014. Tweaa is an insulting word that shows strong dislike and contempt for someone. It is used against national leaders in online conversations that make sure no one knows who said what.

Sarkodie Featured A Ghost (Bob Marley), We Should Praise Him - Shatta Wale Mocks gave more helpful information.

TWEAA is a word that can be a noun, an adjective, or an adverb.

A sarcastic response to a question, comment, action, or statement that shows the idea being expressed is silly, funny, absurd, or doesn't make sense.

Bullshit, crap, rubbish, "yeah, right," "ns3m hunu," "ns3m fon," "SMH," and nonsense are all words that mean the same thing.