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Club Mate Blog of Wednesday, 18 January 2023

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Baptism Of Fire: See What A Pastor Was Doing With A Terrified Woman In A Swimming Pool

One priest didn't expect to almost drown while baptizing a woman, and it was caught on camera.

Twitter user @kulanicool posted the TikTok video and laughed at how the woman pulled the priest down. People tried not to laugh but couldn't help themselves, so they asked God to forgive them.

Even though it's not very Christian to laugh at someone who is almost drowning, especially a priest, some people just couldn't help themselves. A TikTok video of a baptism where a priest almost drowns has gone viral.

During a baptism, a priest went for a swim, which was caught on camera. Image: @kulanicool on Twitter From Twitter
When it comes to religious leaders, some of the most questionable things come from Africa. This is on the funny side, but it still makes me cringe.

A Twitter user named @kulanicool posted a TikTok video of a woman dragging a priest into the water. Sis didn't like this dunk business at all.

Image: Twitter / @kulanicool Source: Twitter