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Psalm Adjeteyfio, also known as T.T, is a veteran Ghanaian actor who has featured in movies and videos. He is best known for the lead character T.T in the Ghanaian TV series Taxi Driver.

Psalm Adjetefio began his career as a trained teacher at the PRESEC staff school tutoring pupils, in the Ga language.

Recounting how he got into acting, he remembered when he was invited by Emmanuel Appea to star in a movie after a recommendation by a very good friend who saw his ability to interpret characters very well, and that landed him that role.

He admits that he was paid 50ghc equivalent back then for his role.

According to him, that money could change one’s life at the time but was refused that amount.

Emmanuel Appea the producer offered to pay him an equivalent of 30ghc instead of the proposed 50ghc. The producer said that Psalm was not well known even though he had featured in a couple of movies at the time.

He accepted and shot the movie but after the shoot, the producer was satisfied by the level of performance Psalm put up. Emmanuel Appea personally drove to Psalm’s house to congratulate him on the job and also apologized for the fact that he was cheated considering his performance.

According to Psalm, the producer assured him of bigger payments in their subsequent projects which never came to pass. After this Psalm was offered another job by Emmanuel and that was when he was invited to shoot ‘Taxi Driver’.

The taxi driver series was a situation comedy but is synonymous with a talk show on wheels. This very versatile product was one of the most popular TV programs ever to hit our TV screens

T.T has made his mark in Ghana’s movie industry. With more than 20 years of acting experience under his belt, he is seen as a bridge between the old and new breed of actors.

He is credited with over 10 movies to his name.

Private Life Psalm Adjetefio had an enlarged heart, leading to poor pumping of the heart resulting in swollen feet according to his doctor.


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