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Iddrisu Aminu

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Iddrisu Aminu is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Founder of Abuya Group.

He started out his entrepreneurial journey over 20 years ago, from the Northern Region to the South, rising through diligence and hard work to his current level of experience.

Iddrisu Aminu Abuya’s business branches into many other areas, including construction, clothing, cleaning service, and other corporate jobs.

The Abuya Group of Companies is a Ghanaian-owned firm, headquartered in Accra with branches in Tamale and other parts of the country.

Abuya Cleaning Services, Imaby Homes, Abuya and Sons Construction Limited, Abuya Corporate Wardrobe, and Abuya Facilities Management are among the companies that run under the group.

The Abuya Group, operates in the areas of road construction, building construction, cleaning services, facility management, real estate development, clothing line, and the delivery of solutions to both corporate and individual clients.

Iddrisu Aminu also manages the Abuya Foundation and is currently undertaking a number of projects in the country, including the building of a mosque in northern Ghana.

The Abuya Group is committed to six tenets of its business: Customer Satisfaction, Detailed Delivery, Competitive Pricing, Ultimate Working Comfort, Sustainable Solutions, and People resources.

The Abuya Vision

To offer meticulous with our delivery and prompt customer satisfaction

Major Clientele

National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)

United Merchant Bank (UMB)

Melcom Ghana Limited

Social Security and National Investment Trust (SSNIT)

Agriculture Development Bank (ADB)

GCB Bank

Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GHAPOHA)