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George Emmanuel Kwesi Aikins

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George Emmanuel Kwesi Aikins was a lawyer and politician who served as Attorney General and Secretary for Justice of Ghana during the PNDC government. He was also the justice of the Supreme Court of Ghana in the fourth republic.

He was born on September 2nd, 1923 in Ghana. He attended the Ahmadiya Primary School in 1934 and the African Methodist Episcopal School at Cape Coast in 1942. He also had private studies and part-time studies as well.

It is alleged that he was part of the students who rioted against the arrest of the big six in 1948 as a student of Mfantsipim School.

He attended the Ghana School of Law in 1958 and was part of the first nine students who became lawyers from the school on June 22nd, 1963, and a student of the University of London.

George Emmanuel Kwesi Aikins became a second division clerk and later a senior executive officer. He also joined the civil service in 1949. He served untill he was called to the bar in 1969. He was also an assistant state attorney and he later rose to the ranks of chief state attorney in 1976.

From 1973 to 1976 George Emmanuel Kwesi Aikins was an adviser to the National House of Chiefs and a member of the Police Council from 1979 to 1981.

He was appointed Secretary of Justice and Attorney General by the Provisional National Defence Council in 1982 and served till 1988 and was later appointed justice of the Supreme Court of Ghana. He retired on 2nd September 1998.