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Chioma Chukwuka

Chioma Chukwuka6678
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Lagos, Nigeria

Chioma Chukwuka also credited as Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha or Chioma Akpotha is a Nigerian actress and movie producer.

In 2007 she won the Africa Movie Academy Award for "Best Actress in a leading role" for her performance in the movie "Sins of the flesh", and the Afro Hollywood award for best actress in a lead role in 2010.

Akpotha was born in Lagos State and hails from Oraifite, Ekwusigo Local Government Area, Anambra State, Nigeria. She completed her primary education at Onward Nursery and Primary School in Lagos State and then proceeded to Federal Government Girls College in Onitsha, Anambra State for her secondary education.

She then headed to Lagos State University, where she studied Banking and Finance.

Chukwuka's acting career began with her debut in the movie "The Apple" in 2000. She also acted in the film The Handkerchief in 2000. In 2007 she received the "Best Actress in a Lead Role" award at the African Movie Academy Awards for the movie Sins of the Flesh.

She was also nominated for the African Movie Academy Award for "Best Actress" in the movie "Accident" in 2014. With 20 years of experience, she has starred in more than 350 Nollywood movies, produced 6 movies, and has many awards to her credit.

As a filmmaker, Chioma has produced/co-produced over 8 movies including the award-nominated blockbuster On Bended Knees. She is also a public speaker and mentor.

She launched a capacity-building platform in January 2019, Masterclass With Chioma ( where young talents are taught by experienced actors, screenwriters, filmmakers, and other industry professionals on what it takes to make it in film, TV, and theatre.

In January 2019, she announced the launch of a capacity-building platform called Masterclass With Chioma, where aspiring talents, especially actors, are taught by seasoned filmmakers, screenwriters, actors, and other industry professionals on what it takes to make it in film, TV, and theatre.

Chioma Akpotha became the brand ambassador for Erisco Foods in November 2018. Chukwuka has served as a brand ambassador for a number of Nigerian and international commercial brands, including Globacom Nigeria, a telecommunications company, Omo Detergent, and Harpic Cleaner.

Chukwuka married Franklyn Akpotha in 2006.


2000: The Apple

2000: Three Musketeers

2000: Handkerchief

2002: Sunrise

2002: The Final Clash

2003: Disguise

2003: Handsome

2003: Real Love

2003: Romantic Attraction

2004: Foul Play

2004: Unbroken Promise

2004: Two Become One

2004: Promise & Fail

2004: Legacy

2004: Home Sickness

2004: Heavy Rain

2004: Circle of Tears

2005: War for War

2005: Years of Tears

2005: Sins of the Flesh – Chukwuka won the African Movie Academy Award in 2007 for Best Actress for her role in this movie

2005: Second Adam

2005: Sacred Tradition

2005: Real Love 2

2005: Real Love 3

2005: Moment of Truth

2005: Knowing You

2005: Golden Moon

2005: Azima

2005: Fake Angel

2005: Eagle's Bride

2005: The Bridesmaid

2006: Wisdom of the Gods

2006: Zoza

2006: Traumatized

2006: Total Crisis

2006: Tears in My Heart

2006: Strange Love

2006: Sound of Love

2006: Serpent in Paradise

2006: Saviour

2006: The Saint

2006: Royal Insult

2006: Royal Doom

2006: On My Wedding Day

2006: Naked Sin

2006: On My Wedding Day

2006: Last Dance

2006: Holy Family

2006: Games Men Play || Directed by Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen

2006: End of Discussion

2006: Desperate Ambition

2006: Dead in Faith

2006: Chinwe Okeke

2006: Asunder

2006: Ass on Fire

2006: Death In Faith

2007: Double Game

2008: Red Soil

2008: World Of Our Own

2008: Wind Of Sorrow

2009: Odum Na Akwaeke

2011: The Throne Is Mine

2011: Nne Ifedigo

2012: Cry No More

2013: On Bended Knees

2014: Heart Of Gold

2014: Warrior Sisters

2014: Aziza

2014: Warrior Sisters

2014: Sabina Makosa

2014: Magic Dragon

2014: Unforgiven

2014: Police On Duty

2014: Village Commando

2014: Nwaogo The House Maid

2015: Agbaranze

2015: Ezi Nwa Di Uko

2015: Rain Of Hope

2015: Chinasa My Love

2015: Nwanyi Nnewi

2015: Kamsi The Freedom Fighter

2015: The Lioness

2015: Amarachi

2015: Coffin Business

2015: Anelka

2015: Udu Bundle

2016: Rain Of Hope

2016: Evil Coffin

2016: Genesis Of Love

2016: The Flute Boy

2016: Marriage Crisis

2016: Sister Maria

2016: Akwaeke

2016: Wives On Strike I

2017: Evil Culture

2017: 2nd Coming Of Christ

2017: Innocent Murderer

2017: My Mother My Pain

2017: All For Love

2017: Heart of Ulimma

2017: King Uremma

2017: Reign Of Truth

2017: God Of Liberation

2017: My Mother

2017: Jehovah Witness

2017: Local Queen

2017: Somto

2017: Christmas Is Coming

2017: Choked

2017: Bird Watcher

2017: Village Champion

2017: The Unforeseen Truth

2017: Dangerous Confession

2017: Innocent Murderer

2017: The Tradition

2017: Broken Vow

2017: Beyond Trust

2017: Tender Heart

2018: Sound of Wisdom

2018: Let Me Love You 1

2018: Let Me Love You 2

2018: Deeper Than Pain

2018: Desperate Twins

2018: In Love Again After Heartbreak 1

2018: In Love Again After Heartbreak 2

2018: My Drum of Love 1

2018: My Drum of Love 2

2018: Life After Marriage

2018: Immortal Love 1

2018: Immortal Love 2

2018: Cause for Love 1

2018: Cause for Love 2

2018: Cause for Love 3

2018: Cause for Love 4

2018: Cause for Love 5

2018: Cause for Love 6

2018: The Ghost and the Tout

2018: Lara & the Beat

2019: Void

2019: For Want Of A Queen

2019: In Your Dreams

2019: The Street Kid

2019: Rain of LOVE

2019: Dark Cloud

2020: Nneka The Pretty Serpent

2020: Omo Ghetto: The_Saga

As a producer

2013: On Bended Knees

2016: Cry of the Dead

2017: Choked

2017: Bird Watcher

2019: For Want Of A Queen

2019: In Your Dreams

2019: Rain of LOVE

2019: Dark Cloud