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Xorlali Blog of Wednesday, 8 June 2022

Source: Queen Xorlali

Why Is Christ Jesus Trending On Twitter, WhatsApp Today?

If you use WhatsApp in Nigeria, you've almost certainly seen a viral image with the name of Jesus boldly written in red on a white background.

Every Christian, from devout churchgoers to casual followers, has shared this image on various social media platforms, in what could be considered a show of faith in their Lord and personal Saviour.

A quick search on Twitter reveals that the word 'Jesus' is now trending, with thousands of tweets in the last few hours. Some tweeps even jokingly suggested that the rapture had occurred.

Interestingly, it all began on Tuesday morning, when celebrated gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey posted the aforementioned image on his Instagram page, asking followers to make it their display picture across their respective social media handles.
He wrote, “Can we make this our profile picture at 12 noon on all your social media handles? (WAT) in a few minutes Time. And also share as a post on your timeline and as your story. And for the rest of the day ??? And also declare that name into the atmosphere JESUS! Let the world ask what is going on. And we’ll tell them – JESUS IS GOING ON! Can we do this? Tag others!

“Let’s release this fragrance over our land and nation. And the nations of the earth. #whatisgoingon #Jesusisgoingon.”