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Xorlali Blog of Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Source: Queen Xorlali

My Girlfriend Insulted Me For Eating Food She Cooked With Money From Men She’s Cheating With – Man Shares

A Nigerian man has revealed why he no longer collects anything from his unfaithful girlfriend and no longer eats her food.

On Twitter, the man known as MAINTENA @WebTechAndS stated that he was aware that she frequently cheated on him, but he chose to remain with her.

He recalled a time when he went to her house and ate food she had prepared because he was hungry, but she was angry with him.

She insulted him, according to the guy, and revealed that she cooked the food with money obtained through deception.

He stated that he has never eaten anything she cooks since then. He tweeted; ”She cheats alot and I always know, one day I went to her place and was hungry I ate her food. She insulted me that the money she use in cooking she got it from cheating.

That was the last time I ate or collected anything from her.”

He shared his story in response to @jon_d_doe who asked people to open up about how their partner hurt them with insults.

”Let’s do something. If you don’t mind, share one insult your partner gave you that pained you very well but you still won’t leave him/her regardless.

Did you give him/her a counter insult? I hope this will be an interesting thread. Over to you 👇,” John wrote.