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Gnewspage Blog of Sunday, 20 November 2022

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Breathtaking Plain And Patterned Dresses For Beautiful Ladies

As someone who likes to mix and match two fabrics, you have to remember that plain and patterned can also matched along. When mixing plain and patterned fabrics, don't forget to try some of the styles below.

1. Styles of flared dresses. Your flared dress also looks great with two different fabrics. If you want that gorgeous and perfect look, try using both plain and patterned fabrics for your next flare dress.

2. One-shoulder dresses. One-shoulder dresses can be made from two pleasing fabrics like the off- shoulder if you already have.

3. Dresses with bell sleeves. If you have a plain piece of fabric and want to make something out of it, we recommend that you first buy a good quality Ankara fabric that you can attach to it to make it look perfect.