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Dprah Blog of Wednesday, 11 January 2023

Source: Dorcas Prah

Many swoon over the father-son photo of James Gardiner wearing the same braids as his adorable son.

A precious image of a special father-son encounter has been posted on social media by renowned Ghanaian actor James Gardiner.

He and his kid, whom he refers to as Ty, were both wearing similar updos when the picture was taken. Their hair was pulled back in a ponytail and fashioned with stitch braids from the top to the middle.

Their edges had been perfectly formed, and the sides of their heads had been carefully trimmed.

Ty was held in his father's arms in the first photo frame while his father grinned broadly. Ty was seen glancing away from the camera, suggesting that he is camera shy.

Ty strained to imitate his father's hand gestures as he glanced at his fingers in the second image as the two were sitting on the stairwell.