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Semenya's Nike video hits back at critics

Comment: Sporting body very unfair to Semenya

Cambridge ana-elect-trump
2018-09-11 18:46:30
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Re: Semenya's Nike video hits back at critics

It's a female, for goodness sake. First, the Sporting body falsely accused Semenya of being a man, and demanded to physically examine her. That examination proved she's a girl, having been born naturally as a girl. Determined to undermine Semenya, the Sporting body again decided that females with a certain level of testosterone in their bodies will not be qualified to participate in certain events.

Why is the Sporting body so keen in trying to undermine Semenya because she has a natural ability that surpasses other female athletes, but never questioning the super abilities of male athletes like Husaine Bolt and a few others who are male with God-given talents that surpass their fellow male athletes? It certainly is not right for Semenya to be penalized or weighted down because of her superior talent. I wonder if genius in classrooms will soon be the subject of regulations to limit their ability to participate in certain courses.

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