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Semenya's Nike video hits back at critics

Comment: Laws designed for impartiality/racism

Makanaka Maenzanise
2018-09-11 12:43:11
Comment to:
Semenya's Nike video hits back at critics

The African's body is made with robust mechanism to withstand strain, and is more responsive to enhancements than our white folks. That is why it is illegal to use drugs in sports, because Africans (or the so-called black people) will gain more than whites.

Who does not know that we are what we eat? So, if one's body is a result of what one has been eating, so the elite families of so-called white blood in developed countries are already unfair to others.

So, why not leave all people free to take the drugs and and compete according to how well their bodies take and use the substances, just like any other food. Why is not unfair to let people with access to good healthy food compete with the rest?

This 'man-like stamina' argument started when Serena Williams proved to be too muscular than most white competitors. And, what did they say? They said she is a man...she did a sex-change...she has male hormones/genes...she must compete with men..."

The next obvious thing they need to say is "African/black people should be banned from sports because it's unfair as it is obviously they are more muscular-resistant and more athletic than whites."

They have said it countless times, but only through beating about the bushes. They beat us on skating on ice; have we complained?

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