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There's sexism in tennis but that does not excuse Serena Williams' behaviour

Comment: Tired of Double Standards and Hypocrisy

Angel Gabriel
2018-09-11 12:07:41
Comment to:
There's sexism in tennis but that does not excuse

If you admit that "there is sexism in tennis" then there is no justification in using the word "but" which implies that sexism is irrelevant and that the rule can be applied when it is convenient to do so, and it doesn't matter whether it is fair to do so or not at any given time, as in Serena's case. Such reasoning muddies the waters of law/rule enforcement; and raises questions around the validity of such a law. Selectivity has and should never been an acceptable principle in law enforcement. If a law or rule cannot be enforced across board then it is problematic especially in a society that wants to be seen as the champion of human rights and the rule of law, which implies equality before the law; equity/fairness, justice and respect for human dignity. It's weird for one to extol these noble ethical and legal principles and at the same time indulge in hypocrisy and/or double standards. Fairness should not only be seen as an ethical imperative but must also have a legal force in the context of human rights.

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09-11 04:54
Tired of Double Standards and Hypocrisy
Angel Gabriel
09-11 12:07