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World News of Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Source: bbc.com

Namibia 'to compensate people killed by hippos and crocodiles'

Hippotamus Namibia Four people in Namibia have been killed by wild animals this year - one of them by a hippo

China's CGTN reports that Namibia will now compensate the families of people killed by wild animals, including crocodile and hippos, with up to 100,000 Namibian dollars ($8,330; £5,798).

But it comes with a disclaimer.

The news site quotes environment minister Pohamba Shifeta as saying "we will not pay [that sum] for people killed by crocodiles and hippos while swimming or bathing in rivers, because that situation can be avoided".

Nine people were killed by wild animals in 2016 and six in 2017, CGTN quotes Namibia's ministry of environment and tourism as saying.

It adds that four people have been killed this year - three by crocodiles and one by a hippo.