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World News of Saturday, 13 January 2018

Source: africanews.com

Jean Ping banned from leaving Gabon

Jean PingBANNED play videoJean Ping is a Gabonese opposition Leader

Gabonese opposition Leader, Jean Ping has been temporarily banned from leaving Gabonese territory.

Ping who was summoned on Friday as a witness by a court regarding an investigation into opposition leader Pascal Eyougou, who was arrested in Libreville last September, will not be able to leave the country until further notice, various sources say.

A Libreville court Judge reportedly ordered border police to prevent him from leaving Gabonese territory.

Jean Ping, is scheduled to appear before the investigating judge on 17 January.

His spokesman Jean-Gaspard Ntoutoume Ayi, said Ping must defend himself after being “widely quoted” by Pascal Eyougou, for “conspiracy against state authority”.

On Tuesday, a Gabonese civil society platform launched a committee “for the release of political prisoners and kidnapped persons”, after having drawn up a list of 29 people it considers to be detained for political reasons, including opposition opponent Pascal Eyougou.

Gabon, which adopted a new Constitution this week is preparing for twice-postponed parliamentary elections.

Authorities say the elections will be held before the end of April.