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Entertainment World News of Thursday, 17 May 2018

Source: bbc.com

Kenyan Rafiki director signs with LA firm

Keyan Rafiki Wanuri Kahiu (right) said her film was "made by Kenyans for Kenyans"

The director of the first Kenyan film to debut at Cannes, Rafiki, has been going from strength to strength despite the film's ban in Kenya over its portrayal of a lesbian relationship.

It was announced on Wednesday that The Gotham Group had signed Wanuri Kahiu, Deadline reports.

The Los Angeles-based management and production company is responsible for a number of films, including the Maze Runner franchise.

"Wanuri Kahiu is a prodigiously talented and brilliant woman," Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, founder of The Gotham Group, said to Deadline.

"As an advocate for Africans, especially young women, Wanuri has established herself as a major cultural force. That she refused to edit Rafiki in any way to avoid the Kenyan ban is a testament to Wanuri’s courage and commitment to her creative vision."