Mazda 929 - 1999

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  • Accra
  • GHS 6000
  • 1999 Mazda 929
  • 1999
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  • Mazda has delivered quality for years and this car is no exception. This Wine 1999 929 features an automatic transmission system as well as other great features. Priced at 6000 Ghana Cedi , this car is fantastic value for money. This Mazda permits you to indulge yourself this time, and guarantees good value for your money. Pay for a long list of standard convenience features and a large cargo space. It is a widely preferred brand and model by most families. Judging from the increased influx of units of this vehicle, it is safe to say that; this car delivers great value for its cost. Adequate maintenance outlets are also an added advantage to the benefits of purchasing this unit. Reviewers are generally impressed with the interior, exterior and performance and it offers minimal energy consumption, hence its cost effective. Once you have a feel, you always know what brand takes the customers needs into account. Dont forget to mention when you contact the seller!