Lagoon View Hotel

Summary: Breakfast, air conditioning, hot water, and airport shuttle service all come complementary with every room.
Region: Greater Accra Region
City: Tema
Location: Lashibi
  • Self Catering Site double, $ 50 p.n.
  • Double Suite, $ 60 p.n.
  • Master Suite , $ 70 p.n.
  • Self Catering Site master, $ 70 p.n.
  • Executive Suite , $ 80 p.n.
  • Executive Suite with balcony , $ 90 p.n.
  • Self Catering Site Katamaso Village , $ 100 p.n.

Lagoon View Hotel offers many amenities at a very reasonable price. All rooms are powered by a 24 hour generator so there is never a risk of loosing power. Standard air conditioning, and breakfast are nice touches meant to make guests feel at home. Additionally all rooms have a refrigerator, writing desk, sofa, private bathroom, satellite TV, and internet access.

Lagoonview Hotel also provides a two bedroom self-catering site (1 dubble and 1 master) with kitchen and bathroom facilities, within the grounds of the main guest house. Which is suitable for individual or family use.

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