Hillview Guest Accommodation

Summary: Inexpensive guestroom, with comfortable amenities. Close to Accra.
Region: Greater Accra Region
City: Kwabenya
Location: Hillview
  • Single Room, $ 70 p.n.
  • Double Room, $ 90 p.n.
  • Deluxe Suites, $ 100 p.n.
  • Presidental Suites, $ 120 p.n.

Naana Asare and her brother offer up their guestroom to couples and interns. They offer very affordable rates of 40 or 50 Euros for singles and couples respectively. Included in the room are a TV and DVD player, with a selection of English, Spanish and German films. A shared bathroom, gas stove/oven, and freezer.

Additionally Naana makes herself available to her renters for help with preparing local foods; as well as information about the region.

The home is quite close to Accra, and near a number of stores, tailors, and hair dressers; in a quiet neighborhood.