Soccer News of Friday, 5 September 2003

Source: Graphic Sports

Ghana Can Make It To The World Cup — Woodcock

Lothar Mathaeus wanted to Coach stars?
Briton Tony Woodcock who has his eyes firmly fixed on the Black Stars coach job says Ghana has what it takes to make a profound impact on global football.

What has to be done to let that happen is to assemble the right team from the legion of talented Ghanaian footballers around the world.

In a message routed through his agent in Ghana, the Germany-based Woodcock who is currently holidaying in his native England, didn’t hide his pain that Ghana has never qualified to play in the World Cup. He noted that in terms of player quality Ghana shouldn’t play second fiddle to any country on the African continent, let alone miss out on the glory of World Cup qualification.

He referred to Michael Essien as a fantastic player by world standards, and said alongside other equally talented Ghanaian footballers, World Cup appearance should not be a mirage for Ghana.

The well-connected Woodcock disclosed that it should be possible to get a lucrative Adidas sponsorship package for Ghana next year, as well as training tours in Europe which will immensely benefit the Black Stars. He explained that Adidas have exhausted their quota for this year, hence the inability to secure any deal this year.

Woodcock who has already applied for the Stars coach job said he is ready to come down for discussions with the FA anytime he is invited. He was the Director of Football and Chief Executive of Eintracht Frankfurt (Tony Yeboah’s former team) from 2001 —2002. From 1990 — 1992, he was Director of Football and Manager at SC Fortuna Cologne in the Second Bundesliga.

For the past 10 years, Woodcock has worked for the BBC, ITV, Sky Sports in England, and in Germany for ARD, ZDF, RTL, DSF and Premiere World as a Commentator, Presenter and Football Consultant. He has also represented UEFA, DFB (Deutche Fussball Bund) and the English Football Association. He has also coached young players form all over the World while on assignments in Europe and Asia.

In another development, it has been established that former German national captain, Lothar Mathaeus, expressed the desire to handle the Stars before Burkhard Ziese was appointed.