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Source: George-Patrick Bediaku

One-on-One with Joachim Adukor

AllSports writer George-Patrick Bediaku recently had a chat with Joachim Adukor. He’s a young player in Sweden, plays for Gefle in the Swedish Allsvenskan. He opens up to us and we get to know who Joachim is.

ASG: Hi Jo, welcome to AllSports Ghana.
JA: Thank you.
ASG: Let’s start off by getting to know you.
JA: I am Joachim Adukor, 19 years old. I was born in Tema but I’m from Bolgatanga in the Upper East region of Ghana.
ASG: Tell us about your family. Introduce us.
JA: I am from a family of eight. My dad is Mr James Adukor and mum Mrs Rose Adukor. There are five boys, one sister and my parents. I am the third of the kids. The first born is Anthony Adukor, the second Faustina Adukor and then me Joachim. The fourth Ignatius Adukor, fifth Paul Adukor and the last Isaac Adukor.
ASG: How is life like, in a house with 5 siblings?
JA: It’s really fun and challenging. But it’s really good seeing your brothers and sister around with your parents, looking happy and growing together.
ASG: Tell us about school.
JA: I started with Saint Augustine Primary School and Junior High and then to Ashiaman Senior High.
ASG: How did football really start for you?
JA: It started when I was 7 years old. That was when I developed the passion for football.
ASG: Take us through the journey
JA: Well I started with a colts club called Parma. That was where I played my juvenile football. Then I left to a Division 1 side called Emirates Sporting Club in Tema.
ASG: So from emirates, what happened? Were you scouted?
JA: Yes I was scouted from Emirates and then moved to Sweden to start my professional career.
ASG: Oh, just like that! Tell us how the scouting happened?
JA: It was in a game we played at the Tema Sports Stadium, in 2011, and there were some Swedish scouts around. So after the game, they came to me and told me they were interested in me and wanted to bring me to Sweden. And it was real and it happened.
ASG: Wow! That was pretty smooth. So, let’s get to your career. What kind of midfielder are you? What's your comfort zone?
JA: I am a central Midfielder. I’m a box to box type. Comfortable in the central, defensive and offensive positions.
ASG: How has life been in Sweden? The culture change and environment change...
JA: Well it was difficult at first because it was a lot of different things and I was just new to it, but as time went on, I learnt to adapt and I’ve been managing.
ASG: Moving on. Do you have any professional mentor?
JA: Yes. Zizu, Patrick Vieira and Kaka. I like their style and the behaviour.
ASG: Who is your favourite soccer player?
JA: Zidane of France.
ASG: Let’s move to a typical day when you play. What is your favourite pre-game meal??
JA: It depends. But I eat some rice and spaghetti sometimes.
ASG: What has been your biggest game yet with Gefle?
JA: I haven’t played one yet.
ASG: But you've been with the team for about a year?
JA: Yes I have been with the team for a year but I have not encountered any ‘big’ game yet.
ASG: Oh ok. Of all the games, you wouldn’t rate any of them as 'big' eh?
JA: [laughs] No.
ASG: Favourite sports team?
JA: Arsenal.
ASG: What was your early career path? Did you ever see yourself in anything to do with sports?
JA: Yes. My mum told me I was really into football when I was a little boy and I took it till now so it was something I have always been looking to do ever since I was just a boy.
ASG: Most Valuable sports memorabilia you own?
JA: My football shoes. They are valuable to me [hehe]
ASG: One sports man and/or team you will use your pay to watch, no matter how broke you are?
JA: I don’t know about that yet.
ASG: What are your goals? Short term and long term.
JA: I want to play in the biggest league in world. I want to win the Champions League and also play in the World Cup one day.
ASG: Which is the short term goal?
JA: I want to play for the Ghana U20 team.
ASG: What are some of the lessons you’ve learnt along this journey?
JA: Well I have learnt not to give up and to trust in God. I have learnt to understand how football can make one’s life look and how life can be if you work hard and focus.
ASG: What advice would you give to young players who want to pursue a professional career?
JA: I will tell them to believe in what they are doing. Trust in God, work hard and stay focused. And everything is gonna be possible for them.
ASG: So we’re going to do some quick draw question and answer session. Give me your answer and add a reason if you deem it necessary. Cool?
JA: Cool.
ASG: Xavi or Scholes?
JA: Xavi.
ASG: Federer or Nadal?
JA: Federer.
ASG: C Ronaldo or Messi?
JA: Messi.
ASG: Mourinho/Guardiola?
JA: Mourinho.
ASG: Mourinho/Del Bosque?
JA: Mourinho.
ASG: lol A Mour fan, I see.
JA: Yeah.
ASG: Your favourite Ghanaian boxer?
JA: (Joseph) Agbeko.
ASG: This has been nice. Anything else you want to say?
JA: Thanks for the opportunity and am grateful.

Joachim Adukor is on Twitter. Follow him at @JoachimAdukor
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