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Rumor Mill of Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Source: Erica Lomotey

Mills And Wife Buying 10 Acre Ranch In The USA?

No evidence of medical check up or treatment!!!

On June 17th President Mills told Ghanaians that he was travelling to the USA for a routine medical check up. We were excited that the President was taking precautionary steps to protect himself and also to reassure Ghanaians that he was ready to campaign and win the 2012 general elections.
We as members of the Ghanaian community in the USA, informed the Ghana High Commissioner Mr Daniel Ohene Agyekum that we wanted to meet him. Surprisingly the High commissioner informed us that the President was here to rest after his check up after which he had to go back to Ghana.
On Tuesday 19th June, we received information that a firm of lawyers called Harford, were negotiating the sale of a ranch in Gladys, Virginia to a Ghanaian. Buying a ranch in the USA is nothing new as most wealthy Ghanaians have ranches. However what got us interested was the names of the persons the lawyers were acting for, John Atta Mills and Naadu Mills.
Our checks showed that President John Atta Mills had shown interest as far back as June 2010 to buy this ranch and that he had visited this ranch in December 2011 and most recently in April 2012. During this time, Ghanaians were told he was going to meet investors and attend and conservation conference.
Then in June, Mrs Naadu Mills made an initial payment 80,000 dollars and that further arrangements have been made to pay in three installments between now and January 2013.
Recently Naadu Mills came to the USA and said she was here for a UNESCO Youth conference. It is indeed strange that a country that boasts of a National Youth Authority with 2 deputies and a ministry of youth and sports could not send a representative. Is it not a co incidence that the first lady will jump on a plane and head for the same USA within 48 hours the husband landed at the Kokota Airport?
This is clear evidence that President Mills lied to Ghanaians and did not attend any medical check up in the USA . The President is very fit and does not need any check up at all. There is no evidence that he visited any clinic or hospital when he was in the USA!
It is time our leaders stop taking Ghanaians for granted. Ghanaian leaders will use every excuse in the book to travel abroad with state funds and amass wealth for themselves and their family members while the poor people of Ghana suffer.
We have taken the path to put Ghana first and we make no apology for it.
Here are the pictures of the Ranch and judge for yourself!

Dr Erica Lomotey FCJ,MBA
The Ghanaian Diasporean News
Washington D.C.