Religion of Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Source: Daily Guide

Comment: Let Righteousness Reign

Today’s eid-el-fitr celebration is the culmination of a month-long period of fasting by the worldwide fraternity of Muslims.

The faithful were tested on their level of discipline and self-restraint, two critical requirements which impact positively on the world. Their absence in any society can have disturbing repercussions.

Indiscipline on the part of both the government and the governed are responsible for the many challenges in the country, and even the world at large.

Although the faithful undertook the religious exercise as one of the cannons of their religion, its secular dividends are invaluable.

On the spiritual side, the rewards for those who fast properly are bountiful both in the ephemeral world and hereafter.

The intense period of devotion and reflection are good for every human being. We must as human beings reflect on the meaning of life and the need to return to the path of righteousness. What better time to do this than during the month of Ramadan, over which the curtains were drawn yesterday!

Fasting instills in us virtues such as sharing and appreciating the challenges encountered by the poor as we share with them the little that we have.

Were we all to imbibe the spirit of sharing whatever we have, the world would have been a better place than it is now and greed would have lessened.

There are too many iniquities on earth. Wars, oppression and looting of public purse by those entrusted with the management of this department of state and many others have made life unbearable for most people.

Religion has a critical role to play in minimising these moral drawbacks.

Those who undertake the fasting in the month of Ramadan say that the spiritual benefits can be felt inside them. Such benefits would be meaningless, however, when at the end of the period of fasting we return to our bad ways as though nothing has happened in our lives.

What does it profit the faithful who fast for a month only to misconduct themselves in the name of making merry at the end of fasting?

Islam, we have learnt, exalts moderation and has no room for excesses in all that we do. It is regrettable, therefore, that on a day like this motorcycles are ridden with no regard to other road users, among other acts of discipline which have no place in Islam.

We recall, regrettably, the arson a group of Muslim youth carried out at Mamobi during the month of Ramadan, a period when their sense of righteousness was expected to be at its zenith.

Let us continue on the path of religiousness as a way of ensuring a disciplined society, homes and country.

Lifestyle related diseases are said to be on the ascendancy. The excessive consumption of fatty and sugary foods, among others, is a source of various life-threatening ailments. During the month-long period of fasting many are compelled to reduce the intake of dangerous foods. Another advantage of fasting, therefore, is the weight curtailment which comes with it.

It is instructive to note that Islam teaches us to eat in moderation and to avoid the consumption of some products.

We wish our esteemed readers, especially Muslims, a wonderful eid el fitr celebration.