Religion of Friday, 18 July 2014


UNICOF assists Wa Methodist School for the Blind

The executive of the Upper West regional branch of the Union of Industry, Commerce and Finance Workers (UNICOF) of the Trades Union Congress of Ghana has donated 10 bags of maize and two bags of gari to the Wa Methodist School for the Blind as part of their social responsibility towards the community.

The senior boys’ prefect of the school, Master Aniork Kweku, tickled the emotions of almost everyone present at the ceremony, including his mates who cannot see, with an impeccable language and singing praises to the benefactors.

“We may not see you, but we know God has seen this kind gesture and will reward you multiple-fold,” concluded the senior boys’ prefect of the school.

The items, according to the assistant headmistress of the school, Madam Millicent Boom, were more than a mere donation since the school had delayed in re-opening earlier in the year due to delay in the release of feeding grant from the government.

“We could not re-open on time because our feeding grant did not come on time,” Madam Boom said.

“We cannot express our gratitude enough but we appeal to all – individuals, groups, businesses, etc. – to come to our aid since we are a needy people.”

“It is not the fault of these children to be in this state. They need every possible support to help them develop their full potential to become responsible and useful persons to the country.”

The mention of the food items, valued at GH¢2,000, got the boys and girls beaming with smiles as they applauded the gesture, obviously showing that the visual challenges of the over 200 pupils of the school – be it partial or total – had not tampered with their appetite and sense of gratitude.

The Chairman of Upper West UNICOF, Mr Molly Apoita, said the group found it more of a duty than a mere ritual to lend support to the persons with visual handicap.

He said while it was just a token donation, they believed it would cushion the school and its student population in terms of feeding.