Religion of Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Source: GNA

Pastor advises Christians to lead exemplary lives

Pastor James Nana Ofori, Head of the Sunyani Central Church of Pentecost, has advised Christians to lead exemplary lives as Ambassadors of Jesus Christ.

Delivering a sermon on the topic “You are Christ’s Ambassadors,” Pastor Ofori noted that being an Ambassador of Christ entailed responsibilities and privileges.

He, therefore, emphasized the need for Christians to be conscious of their responsibilities to reconcile mankind to God, and win souls for Christ through evangelism to fully enjoy their privileges.

Pastor Ofori pointed out that it was the duty of Christians to live lives worthy of emulation, adding “Christ Ambassadors cannot afford to live secular lives in the society”.

In addition, Christians must be loyal to God through the payment of tithes and other dues and levies in the church to overcome challenges in society.