Religion of Tuesday, 14 January 2014


I am not any pastor’s police – Bishop James Saah

Presiding Bishop of Adenta Wonder Cathedral of the Action Chapel International, Bishop James K. Saah has said he is not any pastor’s police to be looking for faults with pastors to correct.

He said he could only go as far as bringing the attention of a colleague pastor to an error he/she commits but not to make it a life’s commitment to be looking for errors to deal with.

“I am not any pastor’s police,” he said on Adom News during an interview on materialism in the church, and the way some pastors flaunt and boast about their material possession while several of their church members wallow in poverty.

Bishop Saah's swiftness in saying “I am no pastor’s police” has sparked a controversy around the famous biblical Cain and Abel “I am not my brother’s keeper” saga.

But the Bishop explained that the bible teaches each Christian to “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling” so no pastor is enjoined to police any other pastor.

Bishop Saah said he will not spend his life going round correcting pastors because he has no such duty.

The Bishop said he is not against living a wealthy life, but the means of acquiring the wealth is what matters for a man of God.

He admitted that some pastors are living contrary to biblical teachings, but insisted that those were in the minority, because the majority of pastors are living the principles of the Bible.

“It is important that as a Christian you do not allow even the errors of your pastor to lead you wayward because in the same way your pastor would be held accountable for misleading you, you would also be held accountable for going wayward no matter who led you,” he explained.