Religion of Monday, 21 October 2013

Source: Herman Cummings

The Truth of Genesis: Atheism As the Effect, Catholicism As the Cause!

This is a follow-up to the previous article, "The Truth of Genesis: The Idiocy of Atheism and the Clergy!". I am attempting to go the extra mile, apologizing to many atheists who don't fit in the category of "fools". I am addressing the ones that were driven to Atheism by the evil and hypocrisy of the Clergy, especially that of the first major counterfeit church, the Catholic (Universal) Church.

I received letters from those that read the first article, and a portion of them revealed the corruption which they witnessed, and that drove them to the point of accepting Atheism as a belief system. By observing the conduct unbecoming of those that are in leadership roles, professing to be sinless and "being led of God", they drove people away from the belief in God. Yet in reality, those clergymen are a stink in God's nostrils, and hypocrites in high places, such as the Vatican.

The Roman emperor Constantine (the 1st), after attaining that position in 324 AD, was looking for ways to unify and consolidate his empire. He chose to establish a state religion, which everyone would be forced to accept. In 325 AD, he called together the Council of Nicaea, to set the parameters of the new religion. But he himself was a worshipper of Mithra, the Persian sun god, and he wanted everything "Jewish" removed from the religion.

It was under his reign that the wrong place was established as Mt. Sinai, when the scriptures clearly stated that it was in the land of Midian (Arabia).

As a result of the Council, the Roman Catholic doctrine was established, recruiting pagan priests to be bishops in the church, adding the worship of Mary (the "mother of God", to please the Easter goddess worshippers), establishing the trinity and changing the wording of Matthew 28:19 to please the polytheists. Many other false doctrines were added, making Catholicism a far cry from true Christianity.

Catholics continue to claim that Peter was their first pope, but that is false. A "better lie"

would have been to say that Paul was the first pope, since Paul spent time in Rome, and

Peter did not, and was buried in Judea. Catholicism is more like Babylonian sun god

worship, with periodic references to the teachings of the Messiah's disciples. The evil

of Catholicism is very evident today, when looking at the teachings of mainstream

Theology. All Protestant religions try to (now) teach that there is just one God., but He

is segmented into three persons. Therefore, they teach that God is a schizophrenic Spirit.

However, I mainly want to reach out to those that would believe in Yahweh (Jesus), but

have had bad experiences in their associations within the "church environment'. More than

4 billion years ago, God assigned His chief angel, named Lucifer, as overseer of this universe.

As time went on, Lucifer got tired of God's authority, and tried to overthrow God, and lost

the war in Heaven in about 245 Million BC, causing the first Great Extinction when he

was cast out of Heaven. At least four more extinctions of mankind followed, before God

created Adam in 7200 BC, and Eve in 7000 BC.

When Adam and Eve ate of the evil fruit, in 4267 BC, they began to age (die), and Satan

(Lucifer) gained ownership of mankind's soul and birthright to the Earth. Adam died 930

years later. Every human born since then of man's sperm, would be born under the curse of

sin. That's why we keep aging after the age of thirty, thus Jesus had to be born of a virgin.

Since Adam was sinless when he forfeited the birthright, a sinless human male earthling would

have to redeem it back. A plan was set forth to rescind Satan's control (semi-ownership) of this

universe, and properly dispose of him forever, along with his followers which he deceives, and

the rebel angels that sided with him in the Extra-Celestial Civil War.

John 3:16 says that "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son". What

that means in that God (Yahweh) loved this creation enough that He was willing to sacrifice

His order of existence, and become a human being (Yeshua) in order to take back the birthright

of mankind. The name of God is Yohovah, or Yahweh, pending on the original Hebrew

pronunciation (there is no "J" sound in Hebrew). Roman Catholicism, hiding behind the politics

of Rome, outlawed the mention/writing of God's name, so it was taken out of the scriptures, and

replaced by The LORD, in capital letters.

Yahweh set up Israel, to be the people of His human ancestry. A blood covenant was made

between Yahweh and Israel at Mt. Sinai, which would require the death of one of the parties

if the covenant was broken. In less than two months, Israel broke the covenant. A yearly

animal sacrifice was established to atone for sin, sprinkling blood on the East side of the

Ark of the Covenant.

Yahweh first made a promise to Moses that "a Prophet" would be born of the linage of Moses

(tribe of Levi), to teach the people, for the renewing of the Covenant. Yahweh, about 510

years later, also promised King David that the Messiah would be of King David's offspring

(of the tribe of Judah), and rule on David's throne forever. That Messiah (King) and Prophet

(Priest) was Jesus (Yeshua), who was the sinless male earthling (Lamb of God).

It will be hard for gentiles to understand, but Yahweh, "sat at the right hand" of Yohovah, while

yet being the root and offspring of King David. Yahweh first caused the conception of Mary,

and then merged Himself with Yeshua after His baptism (thirty years later), in order to die a

human death for the covenant renewal with Israel, and for the permanent remission of sins of all

mankind. He shed His sinless human blood on the West side of the Ark of the Covenant, which

was hidden just about 600 years earlier, more than 25 feet under the very spot where Jesus was

hung on the cross. Talk about advanced planning. "Yahweh, sit Thou at my right hand, until I

make Thine enemies Thy footstool", Psalms 110:1 (Matthew 22:41-46).

If you will take the time to examine scripture, you will learn the truth of our existence. The

"Observations of Moses" explains the first chapter of Genesis, along with the fossil and

geologic history of Earth. Evolution is a satanic hoax, and Creationism is a misrepresentation

of Genesis, just as the trinity is a false representation of the being of Yohovah. Yohovah, who

was also Melchizedek (King and Priest of Salem), became the Levite Prophet, and the Judean

"Son of David", being Yeshua the Messiah. Yohovah, has given ALL POWER to Yeshua,

as stated in Matthew 28:18.

Herman Cummings