Religion of Thursday, 4 July 2013

Source: Joseph Osei.

The new pope’s prophesied mission.

The new-flanged Pope Francis 1, from St Francis of Assisi, means reformer
of the church. This goes in line with a prophecy by one Prophet Micah, who
prophesied regarding all the Popes and indeed it all came to pass. He said
the 111th pope will resign and the 112th pope will bring a number of
reforms in the Catholic Church. These reforms include, decriminalize Rev
Fathers marriage and other things that is irreverent and not in line with
catholic teachings. According to the presage this 112th pope will be the
last pope and after him, there will be no pope.
You see the Correlation between the name of this pope and his mission in
the said prophesy?
Zealous Catholics will gust me over this piece, but am of the outlook that
this prophesy connote the end of the world in next to no time. I can make
out and sense that the world is positioning itself for anti-Christ.
A fanatical study I have made on this prophesy, be evidence for, and
indeed with happenings of this day will describe as a fool the one who will
bastardize this discovery
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