Religion of Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Source: GNA

Clergyman appeals to Ghanaians to respect judges

Pastor John Borham, the General Overseer of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, has advised Ghanaians to respect the judges handling the 2012 election petition that is before the Supreme Court.

He said the judiciary is an institution that God has ordained to ensure justice and fairness.

Pastor Borham made the call at a training workshop organised for the Deeper Life Ministry Press Corps, in Accra over the weekend.

He urged the public to receive the outcome of the election petition in good faith for the sake of peace and the survival of the country.

Pastor Borham appealed to the judges to discharge their duties conscientiously as they are serving God who appreciates justice and fairness.

He urged the judges to be impartial, and should not yield to anything that would make them twist judgment.

Pastor Borham said: “You must stand as people who are ordained by God to carry out justice, and do not be intimidated by anonymous letters and threats. You should not allow any person to influence your judgment and you should let the fear of God guide your deliberations”.

He asked Christians to pray ceaselessly for God’s guidance for the judges so that their judgment would unite the country.