Religion of Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Source: GNA

Stand up against homosexuality - Apostle Kodua

Apostle Alfred Kodua, General Secretary of the Church of Pentecost has stated that the stability of the nation was being threatened by immorality called on Christians to stand up against homosexuality.

He said it was about time that the Bible was used to reject the same-sex relationship and called on the media to desist from irresponsible and sensational reportage, which was killing the unity and stability of the nation.

“A disciplined society will only come when we apply the Bible to our lives…how can we condone something that the Bible frowns on?” he quizzed.

Apostle Kodua was speaking at the launch of the 2013 Annual Bible Week celebration organized by the Bible Society of Ghana at the Tesano Baptist Church in Accra at the weekend.

He said one of the major issues threatening our national cohesion was the disregard for family life and values. He noted that irresponsible parenthood continued to breed street children and armed robbers day-in day-out.

Apostle Kodua stressed that Ghanaians had become more party conscious at the expense of national interest. “We can have so many political parties but when it’s time for national issues we should be seen as one. This can only be achieved through the word of God,” he added.

He said politics of insults had become the order of the day. “It appears the better you insult, the better you are regarded as a good politician. The time has come for Christians to say enough is enough, our words must be glorifying“.

The Bible Week celebration is an annual week-long event organized by the Bible Society of Ghana to draw attention to the centrality of the Word of God in the lives of the people and of the Church of God and to thank God for the gift of the scriptures.

The BSG is a non-denominational Christian organization with voluntary membership from individual Christians affiliated to the United Bible Societies, which translates, publishes and distributes at affordable prices the Holy Scriptures.