Religion of Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Source: Raymond Obeng

When Shall We Ever Be Wise?

Raymond Obeng

“When all minds thought she had gotten missing, a friend introduced me to a certain pastor to help me pray to God in search of my only teenage daughter. We had to meet him on a football field at night where he would have sex with us for about five times per those us who had come to seek his help. We were positioned on the field, not too close, and he would go round and tell us to bow as he did his own thing. One sad thing is my daughter was in the custody of her boyfriend somewhere in one town. Hmmm, if I had trusted my faith in God, and listened to my pastor and his divine teachings though hard when indeed you need answers quickly, I wouldn’t have had this terrible, shameful disease, and here I am dying.”

This was part of a true story an acquaintance of mine told me about the harm the so called anointed pastor had caused her and her descendants. So many faithful servants of God are daily deceived and at the end of the day, face shameful, untimely death. This story teller, a one-time widow died young after being victimized by one of the billions unscrupulous, evil-housed self-ordained preachers who hide behind the word of God Almighty and do evil. But one day on this very earth, they will pay for their evil deeds. They will be ‘anas-aremeyaw-anassed’ one day.
My question seems derogatory, but how can I put it? These individuals are wiping out what really makes what our society stands for. They transmit incurable diseases to victims of broken heart, homelessness, joblessness, abject poverty, and those whose lives have been visited with the bitter pill of life. They destabilize loving families, snatch very good and committed wives, cement fear in couples, break the virginity of innocent girls, rob victims of their resources and dignity, make the confused and distressed more confused and distressed, and make them look stupid, abuse most women who are in search of solutions to their problems through deliverances. Our women seem to be the real victims, but who can tell what other men also go through in hands of these preys, especially in this modernized world where homosexuality is on the increase.
This canker is ubiquitous. It is found all over Africa, especially in Ghana and Nigeria. When shall we as human beings grow? When shall we stick to our divine scriptures and our God-built places of worship? When will we know and believe that we walk by faith rooted on God’s word? When will we be wise to escape the wiles of these evil men? How can Jehovah God answer prayer through someone having sex with us? Omg, with these pastors who do not even protect themselves before having sex with their victims? When will we ever be cautious about the innocent ones who will be affected and infected by whatever we do with our lives with these ‘anointed’ pastors though we may have legitimate concerns?
Most people have a firm believe that most of our women have always never learnt, despite the crusade against such wicked preachers. It is very important that we do not lose sight of what some men who are prone to such deceptions go through in the hands of their prey. Only God knows.
One nauseating thing about these devil-sent preachers is that most cannot even read the Bible they claim to preach from. A horrendous act was once reported in a town where some of them had gone to organize a deliverance service. Before and after encounters were sanctified with the flesh of women who had come to seek favor from God. The other time, it was a widow whose friend’s husband, proclaimed to be a man of God, wanted to divorce his own legal wife, and arrange to marry that sad widow. The wife of this man of God died untimely on one Friday afternoon after bleeding heavily through her nostrils. That day, the man of God was having fun with a young girl somewhere. It was the family friend, the widow, who took the dying osofo maame to the hospital after the kids of those couple had rushed to her house to inform her about their mum’s situation. Doctors said she died out of unmanageable hypertension. A story was told about a guy trusted by a family because of his ‘link with God’. Later did they know that he was a rapist. The victim? Their daughter in one of our public universities. Just at end of last year, we saw it on the net about a Nigerian woman who was being sexed by some men of God, simply because she had gone to see them for answers to her woes. The whole act captured on video, and sent online. When will we be serious with our lives as people created by God to accomplish what He wants us to do with our lives? This month in Ghana, we witnessed one married woman who was given a concoction by a pastor to administer to her husband to make her go crazy. The motive? To get her as his wife, as if the numerous sexual acts he had had with her was not enough. O some women, I never want to attack you! Let me quickly reiterate that I even do not know what other men also face sexually in the hands of these people who should know better, no wonder judgment day will begin from the House of God.