Religion of Monday, 7 January 2013

Source: Abugri, George Sydney

Sakumono Corpus Christi Church goes cultural

Story: George Sydney Abugri

The Corpus Christi Catholic Church at Sakumono near Tema has held the church’s second Annual Cultural Sunday.

The church’s cultural Sunday is held on the last Sunday of the year when elements of the culture and traditions of the country’s various ethnic groups, are incorporated in the order of the Mass.

Each of the congregation’s seven Day Groups portrays through dance, costumes, music and drama, the culture of each of the nation’s ten administrative regions.

Apart from the delightful incorporation of traditional music and dance in the order of the Mass, the open air Mass held at the Holy Child School Park was followed by a cultural festival.

The chairperson of the Corpus Christi Parish Pastoral Council, Mrs. Estelle Tambro said the council conceived of the annual Cultural Sunday as a way of forging unity among members of the congregation who come from diverse and different cultural backgrounds.

She explained that this was in keeping with the church’s teaching of unity in diversity within the body of Christ. The Cultural Sunday also affords members of the congregation a unique opportunity to experience the culture and traditions of parishioners from regions of the country other than own, without having to travel to those regions.

The Cultural Sunday coincided with the annual celebration of Holy Family Sunday on the Catholic Calendar, during which celebration, married couples renew before the congregation, the vows they took at their wedding.

In apparent reference to the importance of the family as the basic unit of society, the Parish Priest of the Corpus Christi Parish, Very Rev. Father Joseph Henry Mensah urged all families within the church to emulate the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Jesus’s foster father Joseph, as a model family, for their own family lives.

Father Mensah explained at considerable length, the respective roles that parents and their children ought to play in ensuring a holy, productive and disciplined family life for the ultimate good of the family, the church and the nation.