Religion of Sunday, 23 December 2012

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Some untold gospels of Jesus Christ

Please view and review the below video link. The video will brake some of your favorite paradigms and will run over some of your beliefs. Please remain skeptical and open minded. If you are skeptical and not open minded, you may catch yourself in a trap. The trap that says that, if I have not experience it, it can not exit. Is the same as saying that I know everything it and it can’t exit. That is what happens when you are skeptical and not open minded.
There is another equal trap that if you are open minded not skeptical, then you fall in the trap that say, I believe in whatever I’m told. Try to avoid belief and disbeliefs. Use Open Minded Skepticism (OMS) to come to your own informed conclusion. Don’t quickly just jump to a conclusion that make you feel good, supports your beliefs, and reduces your discomfort.
I’m an Open Minded Skeptic, gathering comparative data to come to my own conclusion.
Happy Holidays and Prosperous New Year.
,Joe Klatsi , MSc.AE– Aviation, Aerospace and Subjective Science Researcher.