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World Communion of Reformed Churches News Release

23 November 2012
Korean church leader shares vision for next decade
The Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK) is to focus over the coming decade on the
role of churches as reconcilers and healers in society, according to the church's
senior elected official.
"Our church recognizes that Korean society is torn by dissension at different levels
and so we want to build our church as a healer of society," says Son Dal Ig, who
serves as PCK's moderator.
Son says the church's goal for the next 10-year period is to work towards "true"
reconciliation on the Korean peninsula that will lead to peace and reunification.
The moderator made his remarks during discussions in Geneva, Switzerland, today with
the General Secretary and senior staff of the World Communion of Reformed Churches
(WCRC).The church's newly-appointed Ecumenical Officer, Byun Chang-bae, accompanied
the moderator. PCK is the largest of four active WCRC member churches in South
The meeting in Geneva follows PCK's centenary celebrations earlier this year. At
that time the church endorsed an all-encompassing theme for PCK's mission in the
post-centenary era: Friends of the least of these. The text refers to the biblical
passage in Matthew 25 in which Jesus promises salvation to those who care for the
least valued people in a community.
WCRC's general secretary, Setri Nyomi, noted that PCK's focus on "the least of
these" in the world's societies is shared by WCRC.
"This is even more reason for PCK and WCRC to work closer together in this new era,"
says Nyomi.
Today's discussions included a review of plans for the World Council of Churches
(WCC) assembly scheduled for Busan, South Korea in October 2013. PCK is taking an
active leadership role in planning for the event, which is held once every seven
Nyomi reported that WCRC's Officers will be meeting in Busan in parallel with the
assembly. WCRC is also supporting the participation of Reformed church theology
students in an intensive short-term study programme organized by WCC to coincide
with the assembly.

WCRC represents 80 million Christians in 108 countries. Its member churches are
active worldwide in initiatives supporting economic, climate and gender justice,
mission, and cooperation among Christians of different traditions.
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