Religion of Thursday, 15 November 2012

Source: Al-Hajj

Haram! Haram!! Haram!!!

“Moslems Are
Lawless & Violent”
-Mike Ocquaye Jnr.
News Desk Report
As the strong spectre of defeat looms at Akufo-Addo and the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), and their desperation reaches dizzy heights, more and more reckless talk continues to flow from the camp of the elephants.
Following in the footsteps of the likes of Kennedy Agyepong, Anthony Karbo, and Sammy Awuku, the latest young elephant to open his mouth in a most reckless manner, is Mike “Ajasco” Ocquaye Jnr.
Mike “Ajasco” Ocquaye Jnr., son of Professor Mike “Papa Ajasco” Ocquaye, has in a most offensive manner, referred to Moslems as a bunch of lawless and violent group that do not hesitate to exhibit their violent nature.
Mike “Ajasco” Ocquaye Jnr., let his tongue loose on TV3’s Newstand Programme yesterday morning.
Very desperate to support Pastor Mensa Otabil’s needless press conference, and to score cheap political points, Mike Ocquaye said (members of) the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) should thank their stars that it was a Christian leader’s “voice that was doctored”, and that if it was a Moslem cleric, the story would have been different for the NDC.
“The story would have been different if it was a Moslem cleric’s voice that was doctored”, Mike “Ajasco” Ocquaye Jnr., says with pleasure.
Very typical of members of the NPP and their disregard for certain ethnic groupings and certain religious groupings, the young elephant let loose his tongue on Moslems without putting an eyelid.
To cut a long story short, the young elephant, who is one of Akufo-Addo’s right-hand boys, has committed a very gargantuan “HARAM” by referring to Moslems as a “lawless and senseless” bunch of people who waste no time in “taking up arms”.
As far as Mike Ocquaye Jnr. is concerned, Moslems are a bunch of irrational beings who act on impulse without reasoning.
Interestingly, Mike Ocquaye was making these anti-Moslem comments at a time Akufo-Addo has refused to pay a visit to Alhaji Aliu Mahama, who has been on admission at the Cardio Centre of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital for close to a fortnight.
Indeed, this is not the first time Mike Ocquaye Jnr. is making extremely derogatory remarks about Northerners and Moslems.
It would be recalled that sometime in September last year, The Informer carried a story about how Mike Ocquaye was using abusive language against Northerners and Moslems who had been sponsored by the GETFund to pursue postgraduate studies in Oil & Gas Management at the University of Dundee, Scotland.
In a very derogatory and disparaging manner, Mike Ocquaye had said that instead of the GETFund spending money on “proper human beings” it was spending money on “pepefuor” who do not deserve to be sponsored by the GETFund, to study abroad.
Below is story The Informer had published last year:
Ocquaye Jnr Spits On Ewes/Northerners …
“They Are Bush People Who Do Not Deserve To Benefit From GETFUND Scholarship To Study Abraod”

Mike Ocquaye Jnr. aka Baby Ajasco (Because his father Mike Ocquaye is known as Papa Ajasco), has succeeded in being an international ambassador for the extreme disdain and disrespect that the NPP fires at Ewes and Northerners.
Extending the NPP’s anti Ewe/Northern agenda to the UK a few days ago, Baby Ajasco was at his racist best.

Baby Ajasco, who is doing a long distance LLM course in Renewable Energy at the University of Dundee, showcased the NPP’s hatred and disrespect for Ewes and Northerners, when he went there to write an induction examination.
On Thursday, September 29, 2011, Ajasco Jnr, with his senseless air of superiority, said that, Sam Garbah, the GETFUND Administrator, has “unwisely” sent only “bush Ewes and Northerners” to study Oil & Gas Management at the University of Dundee.

Speaking in the Twi language of his Akan NPP masters, Ajasco poured scorn on the Northerners and Ewes who are among the students who are benefiting from His Excellency President Atta Mills’ strong commitment to investing heavily in Ghanaians in order to create the requisite local capacity to manage Ghana’s oil and gas find.

Realising that the beneficiaries of the GETFUND scholarship are not bearing surnames that come from a particular tribe and clan (as was the case during the period of the NPP), Ajasco Jnr referred to them as “Kurasifuor”.
This is exactly what Ajasco Jnr said: “Ayigbefuor eni ntafuor kurasifuor nkoa ena Sam Garbah edi abe gu Dundee”.

To wit, “It is only Ewe and Northern bush people that Sam Garbah has sent to Dundee”.

With a typical elitist NPP mentality cum anti Ewe/Northern mindset, Ajasco Jnr poured his scorn without any hesitation, and to the hearing of the people he was insulting.

Baby Ajasco’s pour of scorn on Ewes and Northerners has known no bound as even during lectures, he has spared no opportunity to create the erroneous impression to the Caucasian lecturers that the Government of Ghana has sponsored lesser beings to Dundee to study Oil & Gas Management.

Ajasco Jnr’s show of disrespect and disregard for Ewes/Northerners is atypical of those whose political umbilical cord is buried in the UP Tradition.
From time immemorial, the rightwing property-stealing and nation-wrecking UP political group has never hidden their dislike for Ewes and Northerners.
Their attempt to create the impression that it respects Ewes and Northerners is limited to nothing but tokenism.

Indeed, the UP tradition’s deep hatred for Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was precisely because Dr. Nkrumah, who could not stand the nauseating elitism of the Akan dominated UGCC, broke away to form the CPP where Ewes and Northerners were allowed to play critical roles.
In like manner, the NPP’s deep hatred for former President Rawlings is because he also allowed Ewes and Northerners to be an integral part of nation-building during his 19 year stewardship.

In the wake of Ajasco Jnr’s “foolish” talk in Dundee, it is pretty obvious that a major reason why the NPP is casting all manner of aspersion at His Excellency President Atta Mills is precisely because he is allowing Ewes and Northerners to play major roles as he stays committed to building a Better Ghana