Religion of Monday, 6 August 2012

Source: GNA

Consultation is important in reaching consensus - GMA President

Mr Alhassan Nurudeen, President of the Ghana Muslim Academy (GMA), said the principle of consultation was very important in reaching consensus on an issue of importance.

He said many verses of the Holy Qur’an and Hadiths of Prophet Mohammed, in dealing with issues were principles constantly exercised by the Prophet and his companions in their illustrious rule of justice, which lasted close to 40 years.

Mr Nurudeen was speaking on the topic: “Managing Factionalism in the Quest for National Stability - The Islamic Perspective” at the 3rd week lecture of the Annual M. A. Mujahid Ramadan lecture organized by the GMA in Accra on Sunday. It was under the theme: “The Spirit of Ramadan in Promoting Peace and Stability in Ghana.”

He said factionalism could not only be negative, but also be positive which could impact on most societies in diverse ways.

On the positive side of factionalism, Mr Nurudeen said it could create competition of ideas, provide alternative ways of solving critical issues confronting a nation, promote unity in diversity and promote effective sharing of the national cake.

He said the negative impact of factionalism if not well managed; especially degenerative factionalism could lead to violent conflict, under-utilization of the country’s resources and national instability.

Mr Nurudeen said tolerance was a critical factor in managing factionalism and called on all Muslims to emulate the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) example of tolerance.

Dr Rabiatu Ammah-Konney, a senior lecturer at the University of Ghana, said knowledge was one thing needed to counter factionalism and appealed to Muslims to search for knowledge wherever they found themselves.

She said knowledge was to be used in preaching in the Muslim communities to flash away the mindset of violence in order to bring peace, unity and development.

The Annual lectures, which started in 2002 was named after the late Mohammed Ali Mujahid who was the first President of the GMA in 2005.

The GMA was established in 1992, and was officially inaugurated in 1994 by the then Deputy Minister of Environment, the late Dr Farouk Braimah.**