Religion of Sunday, 10 June 2012

Source: GNA

Be Committed to your districts – Presby Men’s Fellowship told

The 33rd Annual Delegates Conference of the Ga Presbytery Men’s Fellowship of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana has ended in Accra with a call on District Presidents to be committed to the affairs of their districts.

Mr. Emmanuel F. Boateng, President of the Ga Presbytery Men’s Fellowship, urged them to gad their fellowships to attain commanding heights and ensure the development of the Presbyterian Church.

He said, “it is an honour to sacrifice yourself to God’s work and He will in turn pay you for the glorification of His name. It also serves as a blessing which is more gracious than to receive”.

Mr. Boateng, who spoke on the theme: “The Holy Spirit And The Believer: The Fruitful Man”, said “if the Holy Spirit was not present in you as members of the church, you were spiritually dead because it gave Christians power to bear the fruits of the spirit.”

He appealed to the district presidents to be committed and to change their attitudes towards the districts and presbytery meetings, and submit their accounts on time.

Mr. Boateng also appealed to the delegates to not only sponsor their children to yearly camps but also to hold Christmas parties for them.

The President of the Ga Presbytery Men’s Fellowship said, while membership grew to over 5,000 in 28 districts, some of the achievements of the Ga Presbytery included providing assistance to some orphan homes, training people in grass-cutter rearing and fish farming.

Mr. Boateng advised the Men’s Fellowship to exercise their franchise in this year’s general elections in a peaceful manner, and called on them not to involve themselves in any election fraud.

Reverend Dr. Godwin Nii Noi Odonkor, Chairman of the Ga Presbytery, said, “academic pursuit, strict insistence on doctrine and preaching of well prepared sermons and teachings will not win the world for Christ.”

He said God must be invited to confirm the word that was preached or taught with the involvement of the Holy Spirit, adding “we are to be led by the Holy Spirit in order to bear fruits to the glory of God.”

He further stated, “if we are to bear fruits, the Presbyterian Church of Ghana must not be afraid of the Holy Spirit, and this is where the Men’s Fellowship should act as an agent for change and become prophetic, constantly reminding the leadership and the general church membership of the place of the Holy Spirit.”

He quoted the bible saying “a branch cannot bear a fruit unless it abides in the tree,” and that we too cannot bear fruits unless we follow the word.

The Chairman of the Ga Presbytery said “it is not speaking in tongues, deliverance services which determine our spirituality but that should reflect in the fruits we bear including love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility and self control.”**