Religion of Friday, 8 June 2012

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Ghanaians must bury the spirit of envy – Eastwood Anaba

Ghanaians have been admonished to eschew the spirit of envy and seek the interest of one another as a way of propelling the country and the body of Christ forward.

Eastwood Anaba, President of Eastwood Anaba Ministries gave the admonition during the second annual Love Revolution Conference currently ongoing at the Dome of the Accra International Conference Centre.

While conceding that it is a normal human occurrence for one’s success to stir up envy in another, Pastor Eastwood pointed out that “Envy is a demonic spirit in man’s heart and not merely a human weakness.

“That is why you must deal with it with proportionate force. The effects of envy are not minor injuries that can be ignored. Envy is a lethal weapon formed by Satan in the human heart to avert God’s plan for man. Envy turns man against God.”

According to him, the lack of trust and motivation from leaders to their subordinates and vice-versa is as result of the spirit of envy which has entrenched itself in churches and other organizations in the country.

“To become resentful because of another person’s success is absurd. Millions of people in the world are not angry because of their personal state of sin, sickness or poverty. They are bitter because others are successful and spend their lives trying to undo what successful people achieve.” He added.

He therefore urged those whose lives are being subdued by the spirit of envy to seek the help of God through prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to lead them to realize their own destinies and goals in life.

“Envy makes you a ready tool in Satan’s hands to destroy God’s purposes and human lives.” For those who are targets of envious people, Rev. Anaba advised them to employ prayer and fasting and seek God’s wisdom to escape the trap of envy.

The Love Revolution Conference, being organized by Eastwood Anaba Ministries is on the theme: THE SPIRIT.

According to Rev. Eastwood Anaba, who is also the convener of the 3 day event, the conference is meant to stir the love of God among individuals, families, churches and Ghanaians in general and to redirect their focus to depend on the Spirit of God for their survival.

He believes the time has come for the body of Christ to change its focus and concentrate on Love, which is the single element that drove Jesus to come and die for mankind.

“When I consider the rate at which love is being removed from the church and society as a whole, I have a feeling that we need a love revolution…We must change our priorities in the Body of Christ. The pursuit of success, prosperity and breakthroughs should not drive us to betray one another just to achieve our goals. It is time for radical heart searching.” He said.

Speakers for the programme so far have included Rev. Eastwood Anaba himself, Dr. Mensa Otabil of the International Central Gospel Church, Bishop James Saah, of the Christian Action Faith Ministries and Rev. Mrs Rosemond Anaba, wife of Rev Eastwood Anaba and Vice President of Eastwood Anaba Ministries.

Thousands of Christians from all walks of life have so far participated in the conference since Wednesday and it is expected to climax tonight with an anointing service and a sermon by Rev. Eastwood Anaba on the theme: Ministering by the Spirit!**