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Healing comes from God not man - Bishop Heward-Mills


Janet Brew
2012-05-29 12:55:46
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I agree with you. All of these so called Evangelists and Pastors of these new churches are nothing but CRIMINALS who are taking advantage of people who are vulnerable. They are aware that these are people who are looking for an end to their troubles so they “milk them.” Before they were pastors, they were all struggling people. All of a sudden after they claim that they have been anointed by God they start a church, move on to living a luxurious life and keep flourishing financially. Anointed MY FOOT. Any fool can wake up in the morning and claim that have been anointed by God. God is the only one who can testify to that for me to believe.

A person who is truly messenger of God will not put MONEY ahead of preaching the word. These churches use all kinds of tricks to MILK their members. You do not have to give money to the church for God to bless you or answer your prayers. How about people who do not attend those churches who are more blessed and doing exceptionally well in life?

God will never give powers to any human being because he knows that is a recipe for EXPLOITATION, taking ADVANTAGE and Chaos.

My advice to people who “worship their so called powerful pastors” thinking that they have the power to give them prosperity or perform miracles should think twice. God answers prayers only from an honest heart. You can pray for yourself and receive God’s blessing. Do a lot of introspection. Kneel down at your bed. Confess your sins to God and be honest with God during prayers. You will experience a big change in your life and a very close relationship with God. TRY these things. You do not need those FALSE PROPHETS.

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Janet Brew
05-29 12:55