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Religion of Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Source: GNA

Christian Council decries acrimonious language

Accra, Feb. 22, GNA - The Christian Council of Ghana on Tuesday decr= ied the acrimonious and provocative language in which politicians speak to thei= r followers and called for discussions of issues rather than insults and abuses. "Whereas we celebrate the vibrant political climate that exists, we decry the sometimes acrimonious, volatile and emotive and provocative language some politicians use particularly when speaking to their followers and sympathizers", it said in a press release signed by Rev. Dr. Fred Deegbe, General Secretary.

It noted that with an ubiquitous press, ready to carry, play and re-play all forms of whatever they deem newsworthy - fuelled by phone-ins and SMS that are unedited, the country's political temperature rises rath= er high at short notice. "For instance, recent pronouncements by leaders of the two largest political parties, NPP and NDC, have been given all kinds of interpretation and explanation by the Ghanaian populace. The lesson is that those who seek to lead others must be careful in saying what they mean and mean what they say", the Christian Council said.

It also noted with concern the rather sharp partisan nature of radio and TV discussions 96 93attacking anyone they perceive as not belonging t= o their side with comments, innuendos and lies - a result of which is causing many 93voices of reason" to remain silent. This would not help us as a n= ation since all that is necessary for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing."

The statement said the Council found it difficult to understand why fo= r most discussions such as newspaper review - there had to be a political party representative instead of experts and other non-partisan discussant. "We cannot build a strong and stable nation of informed citizens on partisanship alone. We need informed and experts interventions. "It is obvious that the 2012 election campaign is warming up. We hop= e and pray the discussions, campaign, etc will focus on issues such as education, health, housing decentralization, women and children, the vulnerable etc rather than insults and abuses.'