Religion of Saturday, 24 November 2007

Source: GNA

Full Gospel Honours Ghana Armed Force

Accra, Nov. 24, GNA-Lieutenant General Joshua Hamidu (Rtd), Board Member, Bank of Ghana on Saturday said corporate appreciation to the Ghana Arm Forces for their selfless and dedicated service to the nation has been very minimal.

"A nation that does not honour heroes is not worth dying for," he said at a Breakfast Meeting in Accra organised by the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International, City Chapter to share the gospel and show appreciation to the Ghana Armed Force for their selfless service to the nation (GAF).

Sharing his testimony with the service personnel, he urged them to seek salvation because life without God was full of crises. He noted that a nation that did not build its foundation in the Almighty was doomed and called for the reintroduction of moral and religious education into the schools' curricula to serve as a check on the lives of the younger generation, especially in this stressful times when parents rushed to work and students to school without devotional times with their Maker.

Mr. Justice Sam G. Baddoo, President of the Full Gospel Men's Ministry, international City Chapter also expressed dissatisfaction with the moral decadence in the country. He stated that there were certain rules and regulations and norms that regulated the lives of the youth such as barring the under-age from places like drinking spot. Such rules and norms were being violated with impunity right under the eyes of elders in society. Mr. Baddoo presented Holy Bibles to various heads of departments of the Ghana Armed Force (GAF).

He thanked Full Gospel Business Men's International for honouring the GAF for their contributions to the nation for the past 50 years.