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Religion of Tuesday, 31 December 2013


December 31 night is ‘battleground’

The scramble for watch-night patrons has taken a different turn with some billboards comparing the December 31 service to a battle.

According to heads of some of the churches, December 31 would be a battle between God and Satan and those who are spiritually endowed would crossover to the New Year.

The billboard of the Greater Glory Ministry International located at Santa Maria has a very unique way of inviting patrons to the watch-night. Its billboard reads, “Thunder CrossOver.”

The Peculiar Peoples’ Chapel, Goshen Prayer Worship Centre, located at Dome Pillar “2”, reads, “The Final Battle: Time to Kill, No Mercy! Crossover 2014”. The Peculiar Peoples’ life-size banner depicted the picture of soldiers holding machine guns and other deadly weapons used only on the battlefield.

The battle ground is, however, an uncompleted building covered with satin decorations and several banners of the man of God in different shades of robes and suits.

At the time the Daily Graphic visited the church, the Head Pastor, Archbishop Dr Ofori-Attah, was seen busily supervising workers to put finishing touches to some parts of the church which was still undergoing construction.

Dressed in a shining suit matched with a coloured shirt, a golden chain with cross locket, and a gold and silver ring on his right and left fingers, Archbishop Ofori-Attah said his movie war-like advertisement was actually symbolic.

He said while people wanted to cross over to the coming year, it was important for them to identify that they could not cross over alone without fighting the demonic spirits around them.

“Destiny itself is a battle and there is a warfare in the spiritual world as someone somewhere is preventing you from entering your gate of peace and favour,” he explained.

He said the matter of destiny should not be approached with a mindset of accepting everybody in a cordial framework, adding that “the person who is even laughing with you is an enemy. It’s a spiritual approach, and in spirituality, you do not look at the outside but you approach the issue with all seriousness”.

Archbishop Ofori-Attah further explained that the final battle on his banner meant that Satan was a personality who could not be identified with the naked eye because he came in all forms, so there was the need to prepare the mind and be armed to face him.

“The spiritual battle is between good and evil, between light and darkness, between God and Satan. The Bible has clearly stated that in this time, the enemy would be allowed to come forth with counterfeit miracles to deceive man, and to be able to achieve this one needs to approach the crossover with a serious mindset,” he affirmed.

He, therefore, advised that while people thronged their various churches to pray for better life in the coming years, they should extend their prayers to the spiritual world and fight against the demons and spirits that intended to hinder their progress.