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Kintampo Accident: Ban night travel for commercial vehicles – Inusah Fusieni

Comment: Only God Protects Us

2019-03-28 06:23:53
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Kintampo Accident: Ban night travel for commercial

When every public officer is corrupt and our politicians are corrupt and there is no leadership exhibited by those tasked with tax payers money to protect life and property will not do their job.
Ghanaian passengers are only protected by God and nobody else. Drivers do whatever they like on the roads excess speeding, faulty vehicles and tyres but what do the MTU Police do? They exchange our lives for only one CEDI and allows all these accidents to happen. We know the cause of accidents but as usual we will never face the truth.Ghana is a useless nation where you hardly see any wise person.

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03-26 09:45
Only God Protects Us
03-28 06:23