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Kintampo Accident: Ban night travel for commercial vehicles – Inusah Fusieni

Comment: Oh Ghana

2019-03-26 10:05:50
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Kintampo Accident: Ban night travel for commercial

And he was once a minister. You see Ghanaians need to wake up and demand strong accountability from any gov't they put in power being NDC or NPP road are basic needs for any country to grow and to facilitate easy movement or goods and services. Why do we as a country of 68 years still have single lane on our motor ways. Why can we have 3 lanes for on going traffic and 3 lanes coming once. No they will not use our taxes and natural resources to do this they rather will buy V8s and create and share. The waste in the system alone can help solve our problems as a country. We will soon be going to the pols and they will come with the promises and we the people will once again fall for them. And when these unforeseen things happen they will tell us to pray and fast. What a country.

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Oh Ghana
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