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2,186 pregnant mothers tested HIV positive in 2018

Comment: SHUM THEM NOW !

2019-03-04 11:01:06
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2,186 pregnant mothers tested HIV positive in 2018

I don,t think this is a joke. Nobody should play tribal politics with this revelations because nobody is safe. This dreaded sickness knows no bound. The fact that it is happening at such alarming rate in the Ashanti region does not mean it is in not in other parts of the country. Have we forgotten that day in day out, people troop from one part of the country to another? What of those who are carrying the virus and are in fact, intentionally infecting people with it? The only remedy is to be very alert by protecting oneself. People are intenationally infecting people with it. By the way, what do the campaigners use the millions of dollars they recieved from donors for? Your guess is as good as mine. Folks, if you are lucky not to have yet gotten it, please, do not be fooled. Be smart! Protect yourself. A single round could be very dangerous. Stay away from those so called beauties.they are all artificial beauties.They are the most carriers. shun them and stay alive.

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