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Massive mobilization in Oti ahead of referendum

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2018-12-26 20:53:31
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Massive mobilization in Oti ahead of referendum

To be honest , I don’t get it when people come up with statements like we have been cheated by the southerners ... they looked down upon us and yada yada yada ... Really ? So now the people of the south re solely responsible for resource allocation nd development .. Wow ! I never knew ... how have the southerners cheated you ? I would be most grateful if instances as such re vehemently stated to enlighten some of us .. I have noticed something in this country ... majority of Gh re shallow thinking ... most of us only see things on the surface nd fail to ask petinent questions ...Most politicians thus capitalize on this .. you are crying for development ... Development you have been starved of as several governments came nd left.. you never asked why... you never tried finding solutions to basic problems you had ... nd yet you think to create a new region will develop your area in no time .. wow ! Development starts from the individual brains of collective people .. and if anyone asks me ... this new agenda of regional creation = development means we all got it wrong once again.. we aren’t thinking .. nd we need to get our priorities straight.. years from now God willing .. we will see how developed these so called new regions would be ... nd this judge ... we re just dividing this country on ethnic and tribal lines ... that’s the truth ... not for development or anything ... it’s just ethnocentrism

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Think !
12-26 20:53