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Massive mobilization in Oti ahead of referendum

Comment: Re: Yoofi the ugly bastard!!

Maka a maka
2018-12-18 21:49:37
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Yoofi the ugly bastard!!

You Ewes claim that you are hated, but with this narcissistic and conceited attitude, should you be surprised? If you dish out rubbish, you will get rubbish in return - a hundredfold. What study has been conducted to establish that Ewes are more "civilised, educated, handsome n beautiful"? These spurious claims which you people constantly make, are ignored by the mainstream Ghanaian population, because it is generally considered with hilarity, that you make them, just to make you feel good about yourselves. You are just a small minority, with limited resources; so why do you seek to elevate yourselves above your benefactors? There's a large population of Ewes in Togo and Benin. Are these two countries ahead of Ghana in terms of civilisation and education, or in any other respect, because of Ewe endeavour? Ghanaian benevolence has enabled you to think that you are our equals or worse, better than us. It is only in Ghana that Ewes cherish this baseless attitude. This attitude has engendered in most Ghanaians a belief, that you are driven by inferiority complex, and the attitude of considering yourselves as victims. Are Ghana's advances in development attributable to Ewes? If anything, you owe the education you received, not to keta school boys, but rather to the resources of the various regions in Ghana. Your people have voted with their feet to flee from your impoverished lands, to settle in other regions and yet you have the arrogance to call your benefactors, smelly? Ghana has been good to you, by polishing and civilising you, and conferring a degree of finesse on you. So you can thump your chest raise, your shoulders and claim to be more "civilised, educated, handsome n beautiful..." Respect your benefactors and superiors.

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12-18 20:11
Re: Yoofi the ugly bastard!!
Maka a maka
12-18 21:49