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Division of Volta Region; ‘Vote No Oti Region’ poster pops out


2018-12-15 19:56:59
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Why this double standard

Try and learn small history from me now!
The said people of Oti enclaves claim there's no development in the area hence the request for a region. There is money meant for the development of Volta region as a whole from whites who had used the Volta land as there preparation and hidden place in the days of war.
Osei Tutu came across this money and told the people there that he is the overall king in Ghana, so he is supposed to be receiving the money in order to develop the Volta region.
Whenever he takes this money, he gives a percentage to the sitting president( (JJ) also took part in this money ). A Voltarian up there came across this horrendous treatment and tried pursuing the case, Osei Tutu bribed the people(whites) and they jailed the man for life.
They are resisting the independence of the Volta region because if they allow it, they can never pay the money, they'll become perpetual slaves to Volta region.
Volta and Ashanti region, which is big?
Secondly, when NPP wants to secretly extract oil in the Oti enclaves, they were stopped. Now they are in power and meandering there way to do that.
I want to tell you also that some people in the Oti area too are not the original inhabitants of the place including the chiefs hence do not know any of such history.
I will pause here.

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