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Division of Volta Region; ‘Vote No Oti Region’ poster pops out

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Maka a maka
2018-12-15 15:08:29
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Funny as u are

You can join Togo or create your own country with what will be left of the Volta Region, after Oti. The Oti enclave is a perpetually inseparable part of the Republic of Ghana. In the plebiscite, they were the majority, and they voted to be Ghanaians, while you chose to join Togo. You lost, so you became "Ghanaians", only by virtue of the votes of the people in the Oti enclave. Therefore, mentally you are Togolese, who were dragged, kicking and screaming, into our Republic, by the majority will of the north. Your loyalty to the Republic has therefore always been under scrutiny. Accordingly, you're free to leave. The people in the Oti enclave are not Ewes. They are indigenous to the lands they occupy. They own those lands. They chose to be Ghanaians, and their choice will be respected and defended by the Republic. Mind you, it is not at all possible, that Ghanaians will shed tears to see Ewes end their association with Ghana. This is long overdue. Therefore you are free to pursue your independence agenda, and leave peacefully, as long as Oti isn't part of it. However, make no mistake, about the fact, that the Republic of Ghana has the right to go to war to defend its sovereign territory, of which the Oti enclave is an integral part. You are therefore on notice that the Republic of Ghana shall not relinquish control of the Oti enclave, whether or not the region is created; even if means going to war, with you greedy, selfish and anarchist separatists.

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12-14 18:29
Re: Funny as u are
Maka a maka
12-15 15:08