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'Reconsider the splitting of Volta Region' - Government told

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insight to the bone
2018-11-06 11:13:20
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Regions don't lead to development

Thanks to the pndc era even in Wikipedia and all international sources Ewes have rewritten the history and according to them make up almost 20% of the population of Ghana. This matter of Oti region now proves they dont event make 5% and not all from Volta and Greater Accra are Ewes . Our politics in Ghana are solely ethnic politics the real question is will a true statesman of integrity and moral back bone choose to serve someone from the northern territories . Those from the middle and coastal belt who are really worth their weight can never server someone from the northern territories . with the war like ideology following in close step . We no have leaders /warlords from the northern territories and Middle belt but due to prosecution and the toxic anti Akan agenda targeting mainly Fantis no leaders from the Coastal belt. God creates nations not the wickedness of man.

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waa look
insight to the bone
11-06 11:13